I wasn't originally planning on going to El Salvador.  My plan was to go straight from Leon, Nicaragua to Antigua, Guatemala.  But that was a 15 hour van ride, and after giving it some more thought- and hearing horrible reviews about the long ride- I decided to detour in El Tunco.  Plus I realized there wasn't much surf opportunity in Guatemala.  I was eager to try surfing again so, El Tunco it was.

However, I still had a 9 hour van ride to El Tunco.  The van picked me up at 3am and we drove from Nicaragua into Honduras then into El Salvador. For better or for worse, I was the only one on board, so I pretty much slept the whole time.

Crossing into Honduras

Using my clothing bag as a pillow

My dear backpack!


August 9-12, 2015

Sleep, surf, party, repeat. At least that's the vibe I got in this small coastal town.  I was there during the week, though, so the nightlife was pretty tame.

Small resorts were popping up and more people spoke English here, but El Tunco still held its small, remote beach charm.

Mark, Australian and fellow hostel mate, helped coach me in surfing (and teach me a few chords on the ukelele)

The Point: where we surfed, just beyond those rocks

Rough Sea

Chasing Daylight

Shortly after I got my butt kicked in surfing, I met three surfer friends from San Francisco. We hit it off and they all joined me in pupusa gorging and yoga class (I had to redeem myself after surf).

Pupusas: handmade corn tortillas filled with either cheese or cheese and refried beans or cheese and seasoned pork... you get the idea.  Basically just heavenly goodness. For $1.

I had only anticipated to stay in El Tunco for a day or two, but ended up staying longer due to fierce determination to catch a wave (I caught just that- one wave) and because of my new California friends.  But after 3 days, I had a feeling I might stay another week if I didn't get out of there fast.  Despite the lure of El Tunco, I was more curious to see Guatemala...so off I went.  

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