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dōTERRA Wellness Advocate | Julez & Meredith - Cultivating Wellness (DP, Producer, Editor)
Branded storytelling for dōTERRA International. Julez Weinberg and Meredith Kelly, founders of Cultivate Wellness and authors of The Essential Mixologist and The Essential Foodie, share their journey with essential oils.  Filmed in Asheville, North Carolina.

Transforming Food Systems at CIAT's Future Seeds Genebank | Bezos Earth Fund (Editor)
One of the many climate and nature videos I edited for Bezos Earth Fund, a philanthropy dedicated to fighting climate change.

Jen LaVita Art (DP, Producer, Editor)
Branded story and behind the scenes look of Los Angeles artist Jen LaVita.  Filmed in Los Angeles & Joshua Tree, CA.

Adobe x Carnegie Hall (Editor)
One of several branded story videos I edited for Emotion Studios.

Meet Dr. Kelly Levin | Bezos Earth Fund (Editor)
One video in a series showcasing the different faces of Bezos Earth Fund.

A Week in the Life of a Wellness Advocate - Judy Diaz (DP, Producer, Editor)
During the pandemic, a Utah-based producer from dōTERRA International reached out and asked if I could film a story about a wellness advocate in California.  At the time, travel was limited or restricted, so he needed someone local to California.  This was the first of several stories that I filmed for them. 

Jeff Bezos Pledges $3 Billion for nature at COP26 (Editor)
I received a text from a colleague saying "Any chance you're available to fly to Scotland next week? We need a field editor for a project at the UN Climate Conference."  A week later, I was boarding a plane to Glasglow, Scotland and found myself in one of the most high pressure jobs of my life- editing social media videos with an extremely quick turnaround.  This was one of those videos and also the start of a highly rewarding year long job editing climate and nature videos for BEF.

Can Improving YouPosture for 21 Days Lead to a Happier & Healthier Lifestyle? | Health (Editor)

Bali Like A Boss (DP, Editor)
One of several yoga retreat promo videos created for meditation and yoga instructors Leah and Shayna.  Filmed in Bali, Indonesia.

dōTERRA Wellness Advocate Story - Nakeya Fields (DP, Producer, Editor)
Branded story that I filmed and edited for dōTERRA.

LOCALISM (Co-DP, Editor)
Brand story for a husband and wife wine label.  LOCALISM's beginning were grassroots. This wine label in Napa valley is much larger than wine - LOCALISM encompasses art, food, music, the land, family, and community.

Frank Logan Barbershop (DP, Editor)
Voted best barbershop in Alameda, CA. Showcasing a slice of the pandemic atmosphere, Frank Logan has reopened and is a place where anyone can go for a quality haircut and good conversation.

FROZEN (Co-DP and Co-Editor)
A personal film created in collaboration with my partner Daniel. Just before things started to get really crazy with COVID-19, Daniel and I took a trip to Lake Tahoe. Halfway through, a massive snowstorm blew in and dramatically changed the environment.  

LA Somewhere - Quitting Whitney - Music Video (Co-DP, Co-Editor)
Filmed during the pandemic, this music video captures the pain of the loss of live music.  It showcases a few locations throughout LA that were important to the band as they formed together. The highly talented dummer in the band is my brother, Ryan.

From Ocean to Plate (Co-DP, Drone Op)
Another last minute project took me back to the beautiful islands of Indonesia, filming a sustainable fishing & blockchain story for SAP and Bumble Bee Seafoods.  

Living in Alignment (DP, Editor)
I spent 6 weeks traveling to northern and southern India to film two different yoga retreats hosted by Australian yoga instructor Belinda O'Dea.  The retreat in this video focused on Ayurveda and was filmed mostly at an ayurvedic retreat center in Kerala, India.  Ayurveda is an ancient medicine of India focusing on a natural and holistic approach to physical and mental health.  India is the most intense country I've ever visited and my time in the Kerala countryside was a nice reprieve from the intensity.  I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the transformations of these women and learning more about this ancient medicine system. 

Yoga, Travel & Wellness (DP, Editor)
I spent 6 weeks traveling to northern and southern India to film two yoga retreats for Belinda O'Dea.  In between filming the retreats, we also captured Belinda's story.  

Arca's 2022 Outlook for Digital Assets (Editor)
One of several videos I edited for Arca Finance.

Chloe X Halle - Beauty At My Best (Videographer)
Branded video for Target.

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