JESS LINDERMAN is a nature obsessed, adventure seeking photographer & videographer.  Her work centers on the outdoors, climate, travel, and wellness.  

Born and raised on the East Coast, she moved to Los Angeles after college where her career as a TV producer blossomed.   Surrounded by the mountains, desert, and ocean, she also became passionate about spending time outdoors. Camping excursions and road trips around the Western U.S. eventually led to her backpacking solo across Central America, SE Asia, New Zealand, and Australia. As she became an avid explorer, she chased projects that aligned with her love for travel, adventure, and personal growth.

Jess' career has taken her from working on projects for the world's leading media outlets including Discovery Channel and Animal Planet to filming for various travel and wellness brands worldwide.   Recent work includes editing videos about climate and initiatives for the Bezos Earth Fund NGO.  

Her mission is to tell meaningful stories and share inspiring visual content in hopes of having a positive impact on the world. 


Jess is such a great producer / shooter / videographer. Great with story, great with people and is just a solid, reliable, hardworking person. Her work ethic and the quality of her work make her an asset to any team. You can throw her in just about any situation, with very little preparation and she just rolls with it, creating high caliber content / work. She's smart, creative and doesn't get flustered - and when you're filming in odd locations under strange circumstances, that's the type of person you want on board.

-Natalie Munoz, Executive Producer

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