Jessica is a Videographer, Photographer and Producer based in Los Angeles.  

Originally from the East Coast, Jessica earned her B.A. in Cinema at Elon University in North Carolina and then moved to Los Angeles to launch her career in TV & Film production.  She spent several years working as a producer and editor, learning the art of storytelling, and eventually shifted her focus to videography and photography.

As her love for the camera grew, she also became an avid explorer.  Camping excursions and road trips around the Western U.S. eventually led to backpacking solo throughout Central America, SE Asia, New Zealand and Australia (check out her travel blog).  Her camera was her guide as she sought out interesting people and fascinating places to capture.

Now, when she's not producing content for networks such as Discovery Channel or Animal Planet, she utilizes her camera to tell compelling, engaging stories.  She hopes to inspire others and create positive change in the world. 

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