November 13-18, 2015

Hoi An! What a beautiful place.  A former trading port, the town is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO thanks to its well-preserved historic architecture and street plans dating from the 15th to the 19th century.  Ancient Town of Hoi An, cut through by canals, is characterized by a blend of indigenous and foreign cultures with Chinese Temples, French cafes, billiard halls, tailor shops and Vietnamese cuisine establishments lining the roads.  I strolled the streets of Ancient Town but felt drawn to exploring the countryside, where indigenous life seems fairly unchanged.  Most of my days were spent scootering through small villages or bicycling through rice fields.  

Thu Bon River that cuts through Hoi An

Canoe ride on the canal

A fellow traveler, Dhia from Tunisia

A couple places candle lanterns in the river

Ancient Town

Canals by day

Sunrise over the rice paddies

Paths like this one cut through the rice fields

While bicycling one evening, I met Mao who was attempting to catch fish from the bridge.

He comes to this spot every day

Rush hour in the countryside

A pair, potentially husband and wife, toss fishing nets into the river

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